Thursday, June 21, 2007

William's Windmill

This post by White African has a great summary of William Kamkwamba's amazing accomplishment and public introduction at this month's TEDGlobal event in Arusha Tanzania. Although he built a windmill from scratch and on his own, William was so quiet and reserved on stage that his story might never have been known were it not for everyone else singing his praises. But you can tell from the photo that William is proud of what he's done. Judging from the response he got at TED his future is looking quite bright. William got one of the many standing ovations at the conference and made many in the audience (including myself) cry in amazement and joy. And thanks to the support of the TED community, he now has an email address, a computer, and at least one angel investor for his future. I think he's going to need a bigger windmill!

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