Thursday, June 28, 2007

Multi-Domain Solutions Design

This is an interesting post by Adam Greenfield that talks about the emergence of "experience design" and the realization among businesses that successful consumer solutions increasingly do not confine themselves to a single bucket of product, website or service.

The challenges he speaks of are very reminiscent of the ones I faced at Sony (and that they continue to face). Its ironic that Sony has been operating in multiple domains (Electronics, Music, Movies, Games) for years even though it continues to struggle to offer consumer experiences that span the domains of product, Internet and service.

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AG said...

In fact, for a variety of reasons - mostly having to do with the balkanized nature of hardware and software development over there, and especially some truly user-hostile decisions regarding proprietary formats - Sony has historically been among the worst in this regard.

I agree with you that this is ironic and should not have been allowed to define Sony's efforts int he post-Walkman era...but there you have it.