Wednesday, July 16, 2003

Interesting editorial about whether or not the fisaco over the inclusion of forged intelligence in Bush's State-of-the-Union address will continue to mushroom or not. I like his observation that when it comes to scandals, "Little things hook big fish: tax evasion for Al Capone, a minor stock trade for Martha Stewart, a sexual dalliance for Bill Clinton."

He also comments that Bush seems to be doing things in reverse...
-- tax cuts for the wealthy (not the poor) during a recession,
-- ramping up troop deployments after the Iraq War
-- and covering-up the intelligence scandal before it took hold.

I'm not sure he's right about the cover up. I think there have been many scandals that have started work on the cover-up before anyone knew there was a scandal. Watergate wasn't immediately public but they sure tried to hide who was behind the break-in.

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