Thursday, July 10, 2003

This weekend, we're heading to Tomales Bay. Its only an hour North of San Francisco but worlds away in spirit. We're going to stay at the Holly Tree Inn's Sea Star Cottage. Can't think of the last time I went to sleep with the sound of the ocean/bay nearby. Its such an amazing, relaxing experience to hear the waves as your falling a sleep... wish I could do it more often.

On Saturday, we're going kayaking on the Bay. We're renting kayaks from Blue Waters Kayaking. As long as there's isn't too much wind, the Bay is an amazing place to kayak. There are birds, seals (sometimes), an old indian camp and a slowly decaying artist colony (the buildings are decaying, the artists are all gone).

Pt. Reyes is an amazing place to hike, camp, walk the beach etc. There are so many different aspects to it. There are cattle ranches left over from before it became a National Seashore. There is a great lighthouse at the "point" of Pt. Reyes. Tomales Bay is a long, tranquil, protected bay while the surf rages on the sides facing the Pacific. Beautiful.

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