Thursday, August 28, 2003

Tech News -
"Coporeal de-referencing" is how Steve Mann describes the simlarities between cyborg rights and the fight for rights by gays and minorities. Its an interesting twist on the nature of the depate when put in this context. I have always thought about racial equality or women's equality as being discussions about race not being relevant or sex not being relevant. But the way Steve Mann puts it, it is really about the body not being relevant. Racial equality means that the race of the person's body should not be a factor in societal rights such as jobs, pay, voting, etc. In his ongoing experiment with wearable computing and augmented sight, he has on numerous occasions been the victim of discrimination for looking or being different. In his view, if you follow his argument, if we as a society feel that the body should not play a role in social discrimination than the ultimate expression of this is full rights for a being that is mostly, if not entirely... a cyborg. Intersting

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